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Santa Barbara Video Post Production Services

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Post Production

Home Planet Post, Inc. has the latest state of the art tools to empower its clients to seamlessly and economically make the transition from working in Standard Definition (SD) to full blown High Definition (HD).

HP Post is committed to providing end-to-end video editing services in both SD & HD, from offline editing, video conversions, and motion graphics to High Definition DVD authoring and output to 35mm film. Included in this high-end arsenal of editing equipment are the long awaited Avid Symphony Nitris HD and the cutting- edge Teranex video conversion system. And for Final Cut Pro fans, Home Planet Post, Inc. also utilizes both SD and HD Final Cut technology, as well as those from most other popular 3rd party post production applications. HP Post maintains close working associations with other local providers of key services such as animation, graphic art, Pro Tools sound design and 5.1 surround mixing.

Avid Symphony Nitris HD Online  

State of the art High Definition Post Production

The Avid Symphony Nitris HD boasts uncompressed 10-bit HD capability and powerful secondary RGB color correction that produces a stunning final output –arguably the best in the industry. In addition, Avid’s beautiful new space saving DNx codec’s now allow for a workflow that can eliminate the need for downconversions, enabling “offline” editing in HD resolution with low cost Avid Xpress Pro HD systems. Avid 9000 XL is also available for more complex offline editing projects such as film, 24p, or multicamera. 

Final Cut Studio 2.0 with AJA Kona 3
Heavyweight Champion Capture Card for Uncompressed SD, HD, 2K & Dual Link HD on OS X

Final Cut Studio 6 alongside the new AJA Kona 3 capture card gives you the power to finish dual-link 2k 4:4:4 HD as well as the flexibility to work with a multitude of codecs that the Final Cut suite is famous for. Final Cut Studio 6 also utilizes Pro Res 4:2:2 which is an offline codec which offers HD footage at SD file sizes.